Do you face the challenges of maintaining high manufacturing productivity, quality, integrity and accuracy while optimizing costs and increasing flexibility and traceability in uncertain market conditions? In fast-growing market segments, we enable a future in which even the most complex and demanding industries profit from intelligent, high-performance, resource efficient and fully predictive manufacturing solutions.


GF Machining Solutions helps you to prepare for the challenges of unprecedented aerospace industry growth with a competitive business model and cost management. We deliver dedicated solutions fitting your needs for engine and aerostructure applications, equipment and avionics.


GF Machining Solutions offers automotive manufacturers the superior performance, flexibility, and reliability essential to the production of complex parts as well as the manufacturing of plastic molds, castings, forging dies, and other tooling.


From 3D Direct Metal Printing and Laser texturing to Milling, EDM, Tooling and Automation—GF Machining Solutions delivers solutions that help drive product innovation in medical device manufacturing, which includes mold tools for medical consumables, orthopedic and dental implants and superstructures.