Maintain part integrity

Maintain your part integrity by ensuring that your parts are undamaged during the cutting process, thanks to the tilting table, the horizontal wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) process and the customizable baskets.

Fast separation process

Get the most reliable combination of advantages for cutting additively manufactured parts with specific support structures remaining powder: a machine with unique features, including a generator enabling the fastest and most reliable EDM process.

Low running cost

Reduce your running costs to the minimum level—as low as the cost level of a band saw—with our new, dedicated technology in combination with the double spool concept.

Automation ready

Discover easier clamping and referencing as well as Automation readiness with a machine layout designed for integration of a clamping system.

Universal solution

The CUT AM 500 is designed to cut parts printed on any powder bed fusion printer.

Built plate dimensions

The CUT AM 500 can separate 3D-printed parts from large build plates with a weight of up to 500 kg.

Wire diameter

Reduce your total build time and save costs thanks to the very small diameter of the molybdenum wire.

Maximum speed

Extremely fast cutting process in comparison to standard EDM machines.



Discover the CUT AM 500 video

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