DMP Factory 500

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The DMP Factory 500 is a workflow-optimized metal 3D printing solution for massive scalability, repeatable high-quality parts, high throughput and low TCO, producing parts of up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm in size. Engineered using 3D Systems’ proven precision metal additive technology, along with GF Machining Solutions’ technical and industrial knowledge, and the precision System 3R clamping systems, the DMP Factory 500 solution is a fully integrated, streamlined metal AM platform.


Build higher quality large parts

Metal 3D printing emerged as a technology best suited for producing small, intricate metal parts. As part sizes go up, achieving consistent, high quality parts becomes a challenge that requires deep expertise and clever engineering solutions.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

TCO and final per-part costs are key factors. The modularity of the DMP Factory 500 solution allows manufacturers to define a factory setup that is tailored to their application and capacity requirements and maximizes the use of each module.

Simplify process workflow

An efficient factory is streamlined from end to end. With extensive experience in the production environment, our engineers have packaged their production workflow expertise into functional modules that enable maximum uptime and efficiency.

Scale in a factory environment

Setting up an AM factory relies on scalable solutions to adjust to increased demand. DMP Factory 500 is designed to start and grow a factory setup, with the flexibility to configure the function-specific modules to your specific requirements.

Laser sources

Tools for in-line scanner calibration checks allow users to control laser precision throughout the build process of large parts.

Build envelope size

Our metal printing specialists developed strategies to minimize splits by enabling specific print heads to be assigned to specific zones. One laser can also reach the entire platform and ensure the best quality for large part contours. (*height inclusive of build plate).

O₂ level in the build chamber

The consistently low O2 environment guarantees consistent powder quality for high quality parts. The closed powder concept maintains material integrity and allows for printing of even very reactive alloys.

Concept for scalability

With its five function-specific modules, the DMP Factory 500 is ready to be tailored to customers’ specific production requirements and manufacturing plant layouts. The modules allow for incrementally levelling-up automation to a complete factory system, depending on customer requirements.


DPM Factory 500

Main specifications

Main specifications

Printer Module uncrated 3010 x 2350 x 3160 mm
Printer Module weight 8232 kg (excluding RPM)
Depowdering Module uncrated 3000 x 2530 x 3300 mm
Powder Recycling Module uncrated 1935 x 2262 x 2521 mm
Removable Print Module 1120 x 850 x 1400 mm
Parking Module 1450 x 1780 x 1850 mm

Printing specifications

Printing specifications

Laser type 3 x 500 W / Fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1070 nm
Layer thickness, range, preset Adjustable, min. 2 μm, max.200 μm, typ. 60 μm
Build envelope 500 x 500 x 500 mm (height inclusive of build plate)
Material deposition Soft blade recoater
Repeatability (related to actual printed jobs) Δx (3σ) = 75um, Δy (3σ) = 75um, Δz (3σ) = 75um
Minimum feature size 300 μm
± 0.1-0.2% with ± 100 μm minimum



LaserForm Ni718, LaserForm Ti Gr23, LaserForm AlSi10Mg (other materials available upon request)
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