Wire-cutting EDM

What is Wire-cutting EDM?

The Wire EDM process uses an electrical spark created between two conductive parts, a wire that cuts and a part from which material will be removed. Using a dielectric solution to control the electrical discharge and applying the metallic wire to cut a programmed contour, a Wire EDM machine can produce extrusion dies, blanking punches, precise molds, special parts with small features and many more.

Why come to GF Machining Solutions for your wire cutting machine?

At the forefront of the EDM cutting industry for more than a hundred years, GF Machining Solutions has a proven record of providing reliable and high-performance solutions for wire electrical discharge machines. With a strong technical expertise and a solid patent history, GF Machining Solutions is your preferred partner for any wire EDM machining project, whether it be ultraprecise machining, mold making, or simply a process requiring high-precision cutting performances. Discover our unique innovations that allow our machines to provide outstanding performances.

Main competitive advantages

Intelligent Power Generator (IPG), the heart of our EDM machines

Do you know that the heart of our EDM sinker and wire cutting machines is engineered and assembled in-house at our facility in Switzerland? Our cutting-edge IPG (Integrated Power Generator) is a fully digital and resonant switching mode generator, enabling exceptional performance while minimizing power consumption.

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