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GF Machining Solutions is continuously improving the sustainability performance of its machines, with a clear focus on the carbon footprint and energy costs at our customers’ facilities.

Energy consumption

The energy consumption of our machines has been reduced by up to 40% over the last 5 years. This was done through several programs, including the following:

  • The Econowatt system enables our machines to significantly reduce their energy consumption during standby mode without compromising machine readiness and precision. Energy is not wasted during non-productive time.
  • Fitting of energy-efficient injection pumps reduce the overall energy consumption of the machine.
  • Intelligent power generators allow the digital and fast control of each spark, improving the machine's electrical efficiency.

These improvements support our customers' cost-efficiency and reduce our downstream greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions, associated with the operation of our products, are part of Scope 3 emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Learn more in our Energy Efficiency certificates

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Energy Efficiency Certificates

How we achieve our goals

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CUT P Pro series

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Sustainability targets and report

Have a look at GF's sustainability targets, download the sustainability report and discover interesting facts and figures.