DMP Flex/Factory 350

Robust, flexible metal 3D printer for 24/7 part production

The DMP Flex 350 enables more efficient production of very dense, pure metal parts and includes improved gas flow technology for improved uniform part quality across the entire build area. Flexible, high throughput, high repeatability metal 3D printer that generates high quality precision parts with maximum part size 275 x 275 x 420 mm from the most challenging alloys.

DMP Flex 350

DMP Factory 350

Ensure maximum safety and powder integrity

DMP Factory 350 has an integrated powder management system with high-performance sieving and automated powder conveyance. The O2-free atmosphere of the powder workflow guarantees highest part quality as well as maximum powder usage and minimizes user powder contact.

DMP Flex/Factory 350 Features

DMP Flex 350 Feature

DMP Flex/Factory 350 Dual

The DMP Flex 350 and DMP Factory 350 systems now come in a two-laser configuration, reducing build times by up to 50 percent. Boosting productivity while maintaining high quality and repeatability yields lower operational costs.


DPM Flex/Factory 350

Main specifications

Main specifications

Machine dimensions 2370 x 2400 x 2869 mm (DMP Flex 350 in printing condition)
  2370 x 2400 x 3470 mm (DMP Factory 350 in printing condition)
Machine weight 4200 kg

Printing specifications

Printing specifications

Laser type 1 or 2 x 500 W / Fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1070 nm
Layer thickness, range, preset Adjustable, min. 5 μm, typical: 30, 60, 90 μm
Build envelope 275 x 275 x 420 mm (height inclusive of build plate)
Material deposition Soft blade recoater
Minimum feature size
200 μm
Minimum wall thickness
150 μm
± 0.1-0.2% with ± 100 μm minimum
Repeatability (related to actual printed jobs)
Δx (3σ) = 60 μm, Δy (3σ) = 60 μm, Δz (3σ) = 60 μm



LaserForm Ni718, LaserForm Ni615, LaserForm Ti Gr23,  LaserForm Ti Gr5,  LaserForm Ti Gr1,  LaserForm AlSi10Mg, LaserForm  AlSi7Mg0.6, LaserForm CoCrF75, LaserForm 316L, LaserForm 17-4PH, LaserForm Managing Steel, AMPO M789, Certified Tungsten, Aluminum A6061

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