Your precision center: 365 days a year

Get high material removal during roughing while achieving high precision on big, heavy parts and tightest tolerances after finishing.

Best surface finish on light or heavy parts

Make a great first impression and show off your overall capacity as a mold maker with the shiny surfaces this solution delivers to your high-value molds.

Highly flexible parts production

Get the flexible solution to help you master a wide range of parts production challenges: constantly changing part sizes, weights, batches and materials.

MILL P 500 U - MILL P 800 U

365 days dynamic machining

With 1.7g acceleration and 36kW Step-Tec spindle power for parts up to 600/ 800 kg and ø707 / ø 800 mm.

250% higher productivity

Integrating limitless automation solutions from the back.

±2µm/24h process reliability

Thanks to thermo-stability Stiff and stabile gantry concept.

-98% downtime (from hours to minutes)

GF’s Industry 4.0 modules Spindle Protection (MSP) Live Remote Assistance (LRA).

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