Drive speed and quality

The iGAP generator technology helps mold makers use die-sinking EDM to achieve a smaller, therefore more precise, spark gap at higher speed, thereby addressing their need for greater productivity and speed. iGAP varies the spark power from the front and sides of the electrodes as needed. Spark power increases only when necessary also helps preserve electrodes, adding to the gains provided by ISPG technology.

Human-machine interface (HMI) increases productivity

The development of this new AC FORM HMI is based on a study carried out with numerous mold makers in order to streamline the mold-making technique. This ease of use, which has made GF Machining Solutions interfaces so successful, has not only been maintained, but has been developed even further to support mold makers during die-sinking.

FORM P 350 - FORM P 600 - FORM P 900

Part weight

The construction as a short C frame and the oversized casting guarantee mechanical stability and precision throughout the life of the sinker EDM machine. In addition, the robustness of the die-sinking EDM machine absorbs all the machining forces to maintain a precise gap between the part and the electrode.

Position resolution

To obtain reliable positioning accuracy, only linear glass scales are effective. They eliminate all the classic errors, such as backlash, expansion and wear effects. The axis servo control system developed by GF Machining Solutions for die-sinking EDM machines is a closed loop measurement solution designed to provide infallible accuracy, whatever the travel.


Automation keeps production going whatever the time. Your results are shorter lead times, higher productivity and quicker payback of capital invested in your die-sinking EDM machines. With System 3R Automation solutions, production can continue running round the clock, seven days a week. The possibilities are endless with our die-sinking EDM solutions.

Machining stability

Available on the AgieCharmilles FORM P 600 as a variant, the thermostabilization provides perfect and accurate machining over time and whatever the temperature conditions during die-sinking EDM machining.

Fast, cost-effective manufacturing

Manufacturers agree: The AgieCharmilles FORM P 350 outperforms competitors in terms of efficiency in die-sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM). In a 2016 challenge, the range and its competitors machined four cavities with only one graphite electrode on a difficult surface. The AgieCharmilles FORM P die sinkers outpaced competitors’ machining speed and electrode wear, becoming the market’s most cost-efficient solution for fast, cost-effective manufacturing.

Fast polishing of deep 3D shape

Significantly reduce manufacturing time spent polishing and reach the finest surface quality inside a deep material cavity, thanks to our mix-material function for sinker EDM. Start fast machining with a graphite electrode and get the best surface finish using a copper electrode in order to achieve Ra 0.12 µm.

Say goodbye to polishing

With 3DS, your surfaces are qualified in both crater height and width and the craters left by die-sinking EDM are perfectly controlled. You achieve a structure so smooth and uniform that it cannot be seen by the human eye. This technology dramatically reduces plastic adherence towards mold inserts, maximizes plastic part demolding efficiency and reduces plastic injection cycle time.

100 percent mastery of part quality

Benefit from the ISPG generator’s fine digital technology and from the TECFORM’s fine spark management to master your part quality controlling each spark between the electrode and the part. Achieve outstanding control of surface finish and get perfect part repeatability whatever the surface finish needed, thank to our die-sinking EDM solutions.

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