LASER S 500 (U)

The ultimate Laser ablation tool

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15 years of legacy serving perfection

icon ultraprecision


The LASER S 500 (U)’s advanced design, kinematics and motors ensure unmatched accuracy and repeatability, even for long jobs.


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The LASER S 500 (U) features powerful components for excellent results at lightning speed.


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Thanks to high-performance Laser sources and versatile configurations, tackle any machining tasks with ease.

What you can achieve

Example of applications
wafer chuck application detail

The semiconductor industry widely uses hard and brittle materials with precise physical properties. The new LASER S 500 (U) is engineered to excel with these materials.

ICT connector application detail

ICT items require high precision on complex geometries and present unique challenges. Master these manufacturing challenges with the LASER S 500 (U).

watch application detail

The watchmaking industry thrives on innovation and technical complexity. With the LASER S 500 (U), conquering these challenges is now achievable.

Complete thermostabilization

The core components of the LASER S 500 (U) are water-cooled. The advantages of this feature allow:

  • preventing temperature variations
  • maintaining perfect accuracy all along your production cycle, whether it be hours, days or weeks

High dynamics

Axis movement

Accelerated axis mouvement

Combination of linear motors and torque motors drive higher speed and acceleration on the axis.

Advanced optical 3D high-speed scanner

The new LASER S 500 (U) integrates the latest generation of 3D scanner achieving up to 3500 mm/s scanning speed.

Digital excellence

LASER S 500 console

With SPOT, our innovative Laser machine interface, we offer an advanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and controller that exceeds the demands of even the most complex applications.

programing icon


Enhanced programming, loop and variable management, operation management and code completion offer the flexibility to tailor programs to specific application requirements.

programming icon

Machine tool DNA

SPOT delivers advanced frame management, tool management, software corrections, measurement cycles, calibration wizards and G-code capabilities.

programming icon

Ergonomics and user friendliness

Single-click laser switch, embedded controls, and intuitive features set SPOT as the industry standard for a user-friendly interface.

programming icon

User account management

It enhances security and control with customizable permissions and access levels.

Versatile machining

3-axis machining area

3-axis configuration
Maximum loading capacity: 60 kg

5-axis machining area

5-axis configuration
Maximum loading capacity: 15 kg


Key services for your Laser machine

We offer dedicated Success Packs offerings for Laser machines. For added peace of mind, our packs give you full warranty coverage for up to 5 years. You can ensure optimum performance with our regular maintenance and get back to business quickly through fast and efficient repair services.

Extended warranty

  • Included in Silver+ Success Pack
  • One-year full machine warranty including laser source and labor costs

Preventive maintenance

  • Included in Silver Success Pack
  • Annual scheduled intervention on site including an OEM certified maintenance kit and labor costs

Fast repair services

  • Included in Bronze / Bronze+ Success Packs
  • Advanced diagnosis, 24/5 support through My rConnect digital platorm
laser service technician


LASER S 500 / LASER S 500 U

Machine dimensions * 2174 x 1387 x 2556 mm
85.59 x 54.60 x 100.63 in
Approx. machine weight (with coolant) 4000 kg
8818 lbs
Machine footprint 3600 x 2500 mm
141.73 x 98.42 in
Electrical supply
Electrical supply
Nominal power 15 kVA
Pneumatic supply
Pneumatic supply
Air pressure 6 ÷ 8 bar
0.6 ÷ 0.8 MPa
Required output flow Max. 300 l/min
Operation control
Operation control
Beckhoff Industrial PC (C6640)
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC
Screen Multi-Touch LED 21.5’’ display
User interface SPOT
Table dimensions ** 590 x 470 mm
23.23 x 18.50 in
Table T Slots (number, dimensions) Check layout
Dist. table/Found. plate LASER S 500: 818 mm (32.20 in)
LASER S 500 U: 764 mm (30.08 in)
Number of axes 3 (LASER S 500)
5 (LASER S 500 U)
X travel 550 mm
21.65 in
Y travel 400 mm
15.75 in
Z travel 500 mm
19.68 in
B-axis travel -110/+110 (LASER S 500 U)
C-axis travel 0/+720 (LASER S 500 U)
Working area
Working area
Max. workpiece LASER S 500 60 kg
132 lbs
Max. workpiece LASER S 500 U 15 kg
33 lbs
Max. workpiece dim. (3-axis) Refer to machine layout – depends on the lens type
Max. workpiece dim. (5-axis) Refer to machine layout – depends on the lens type
Max. permissible inertia (5-axis) 0.17 kg.m²
Specific equipment available in configurator for this machine
Specific equipment available in configurator for this machine
M85 IR Lens F163
M85 IR/GR Lens FSTC70/FSTC130
Number of Laser sources 1 or 2 (1 Femto IR only + 1 Nano IR)
Laser GF Femto Flexipulse™ 20 W IR/40 W IR/40 W IR-GR
Laser Nano Flexipulse™ 50 W IR/100 W IR

* Width x depth x height   ** Width x depth

Technical drawings

technical drawing front view
technical drawing side view
technical drawing top view


LASER S 500 (U) video

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