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Our Success Packs are designed to maximize your return on investment and empower you in your quest for success—across all industrial segments.

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Our subscription packs feature a comprehensive range of services that guarantee the access and support needed to get the most out of your assets today, while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Success Packs

Success Packs

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Services overview

Bronze | Bronze+ | Silver | Silver+

Hotline icon

Free dedicated support by phone during local standard working days.

rConnect icon

Digital assistance tools including remote control and diagnostic, as well as smartphone messaging on machine status and job progress.

Speedy access icon
Speedy Access

Service request follow-up within 30 minutes and 1 hour call back as well as fast track scheduling for on-site intervention.


Bronze+ | Silver | Silver+

Advanced diagnosis icon
Advanced Diagnosis

Annual check-up on the key component of a machine (e.g. spindle for milling machines) with detailed report.

Extended remote support icon
Extended Remote Support

rConnect support 24 hours a day during local standard working days (Monday to Friday)


Silver | Silver+

Preventive maintenance icon
Preventive Maintenance

An annual scheduled intervention on site including an OEM certified maintenance kit.

Discounts icon

Preferred pricing on parts and labor related to preventive maintenance and on-site intervention.

Certificate icon

Issued every year for customers using GF Machining Solutions certified wear parts and maintenance services.

Upgrade icon

Innovative upgrade.



Secure backup icon
Secure Backup

Annual software backup on USB or clone on external device.

Ball bar testing icon
Ball Bar Testing

Yearly positioning performance check-up for NC machines according to high accurate measure of circular path.

Extended warranty icon
Extended Warranty

Additional one year warranty with spare parts, Step-Tec spindles and labor included.

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