Caps and closures

Functionalities such as anti-spill, branding, product preservation, product delivery experience and reusability influence the way closure systems are made. Comprehensive and innovative machining solutions are necessary to address mold manufacturing challenges posed by modern caps and closure systems.

Mold cavity insert

GF Machining Solutions' high-speed Milling offers a solution to pre-mill the enclosure molding inserts with high contour accuracy, profile integrity and surface finish:

  • Achieve small profiles and smooth contours with HSK E-40 42'000 rpm Spindle
  • Obtain sub-micron surface finish for optimized automated post-milling process for groove machining
  • Manufacture through a single process to achieve complete shape and features on molding inserts



Cavity structuring with Laser technology

Our Laser texturing technology offers a solution to structure molding inserts with unique grove and branding elements:

  • Simplified, smarter and automated manufacturing process for insert texturing
  • Single setup for the manufacturing of grooves, insert blasting and logos
  • Fully digital process chain to transition special textures into product realization

Cavity structuring with precision Die-sinking EDM

Cap insert features can be replicated with a Die-sinking EDM solution to create grooves. Our FORM P 350 with Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) and polishing technology enables mold makers to:

  • Achieve a perfect shape on cap insert with no deviation
  • Save electrode costs and boost productivity with iGap features
  • Obtain outstanding groove edge sharpness and uniform surface integrity

Collapsible core

Collapsible core systems are designed for demolding of engineered plastic parts with internal threads and undercuts. Our high-accuracy Wire-cutting EDM solution enables machining of accuracy slider components:

  • Sharp edges for smooth core assembly and ejection process
  • Accurate slots and guideways for zero play assembly
  • Perfect taper control within ± 1.5°

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