MT Connect standardizes factory device data. MTConnect is a manufacturing industry standard to facilitate the organized retrieval of process information from numerically controlled machine tools.

Designed for monitoring and traceability of machining parts

Standardized vocabulary and semantics of the information models reduces integration time and cost

Provides a communication vocabulary that ensures equipment with similar standardized functions can communicate

Provides common protocol for many machine tool types and vintages

MTConnect is a lightweight, open, and extensible protocol designed for the exchange of data between shop floor equipment and software applications used for monitoring and data analysis. In its current form, MTConnect is referred to as a read-only standard, meaning that it only defines the extraction (reading) of data from control devices, not the writing of data to a control device. 

Freely available, open standards are used for all aspects of MTConnect. Data from shop floor devices is presented in XML format, and is retrieved from information providers, called Agents, using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as the underlying transport protocol. 

MTConnect is available from 2013 on the following machines types from GF Machining Solutions:

  • EDM CUT E, P, C x50, 200, 1000, 2000, Progress
  • EDM FORM E, P, S, X, VHP

The GF Machining Solutions MTConnect Software Option is designed for monitoring and traceability of machining of parts in order to fit request of high-technology industries. The software, running embedded on the computer of the machine, store machining data (machining time) and maintenance data (wire length, deionization, temperature,...) and published these variables.



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