Step-Tec - always a step ahead

Step-Tec is a leading motor Spindle brand, with a wide range of products and services. We stay ahead of the competition by being unique and innovative.

In today's difficult worldwide markets, sales increases, productivity quality and cost savings can compete with one another. To stay competitive with new technologies and competitors from emerging markets, machine tool builders need innovation. Step-Tec motor spindles help improve machine tool performance and application quality while they reduce the total cost of integration.

Our platform solutions strengthen your ability to respond to new product requirements, with high-frequency motorized spindles that provide more than just hardware. These complete platform solutions enable you to produce best-in-class products with maximum availability through exceptional service, technical knowhow, accessories and software packages.

For more specific information about Step-Tec spindles, choose your industry or your spindle platform.

Our strength


Do you face the challenges of quality, integrity and accuracy while optimizing costs and increasing flexibility and traceability in uncertain market conditions? In fast-growing market segments, we enable a future in which even the most complex and demanding industries profit from intelligent, high-performance, resource efficient and fully predictive motor-spindle solutions.

Spindle platforms

Platforms are spindles of the same diameter with as many common parts as possible and broad bandwidth of performance. So the platforms are easy to interchange as no new housing is required. Within one platform there are plenty of specific spindle performances.



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