One connectivity solution for all GF Machining Solutions technologies.

Ease integration for 3rd party usage and reduce cost of integration

Improve machine analysis with the same language and structured data

Safe and Secure encrypted communication Data due to access granted with user and password

Leverage production process and efficiency

 OPC UA for 3rd party Software usage:

Using OPC UA and its plug-and-play capabilities makes it simpler than ever to connect your GF Machining Solutions machines to existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES). 
Start collecting and assembling your personalized key performance indicator (KPI) measurements today with the refined machine state data provided by GF Machining Solutions OPC UA Standard Interface.

Scalable interface based on a standard machine communication protocol for industrial automation, allowing 3rd party Software (MES, ERP,…) to connect and exchange with GF Machining Solutions' machines, ensuring an improvement of manufacturing production's efficiency through 100% relevant data.


GF Machining Solutions OPC UA Standard Interface is available on most of our GF Machining Solutions Machine tools.

This is a first in cross-technology communication and enables seamless data exchange between our products. From all machineries to our APPs such as rConnect Messenger and rConnect Dashboard. 

The main contents of GF Machining Solutions OPC UA Standard Inferface are:

  • Machine identity
  • Machine states
  • Process and job Information
  • Machine Messages
  • Precomputed KPIs

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