Manufacturing of PET bottles is a technical multi-step process involving the use of preform molds to create plastic capsules through plastic injection molding. Our comprehensive 5-axis Milling, Laser texturing, 5-axis Grinding and Additive Manufacturing solutions support mold makers in mastering the manufacturing processes.

Neck rings for preform molds

Additive Manufacturing offers a unique proposition, especially for heat-critical mold components. Our DMP 350 Flex is able to produce high-quality neck rings, for greater productivity and better cost control:

  • Create optimized internal cooling channels
  • Master a new dimension of freedom in tooling design
  • Reach faster time to market
  • Improve process efficiency

Injection mold gate entry

Injection gate is one of the most critical mold components that controls the flow and freeze of injection resin. Gate entry channels can be manufactured with our DMP 350 Flex in a variety of materials:

  • Improve cooling/heating cycle efficiency
  • Optimize process and operating temperature
  • No scraps during injection process
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime

Blow mold 5-axis Milling

Our pioneer 5-axis highly dynamic high-speed Milling produces blow molds with unmatched removal rates and high surface quality. Our MILL X 600 U equipped with Step-Tec Spindle as well as integrated cooling and thermal management enables to:

  • Achieve near polished surface on machine with Ra 0.03 µm
  • Reduce total machining time with extreme OSS by up to 30%
  • Obtain a high material removal rate with high-speed Spindle

Blow mold Texturing

Our Laser solution allows direct texturing of blow molds to replicate any desired aesthetic or functional feature. Our LASER S 1000 U with embedded Smartpatch and Smartscan innovations, and fully-digital processes help you achieve:

  • Digital features on molds for better replication during injection
  • Freedom to incorporate any desired digital texture
  • Enhanced repeatability through a digital process
  • Improved sustainability by user a Laser processe instead chemical etching

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