Introduction – Rough guidance to tooling

Maximum workpiece weight (kg)
Pallet size
MacroMagnum Matrix GPS 70 GPS 120
⧄ 52-54
5 kg 5 kg      
⧄ 54-Ø 75
10 kg 10 kg      
Ø 70
      10 kg 10 kg
Ø 110-116 50 kg 50 kg 50 kg    
Ø 120         20 kg
Ø 142-185 50 kg 100 kg 100 kg    
Ø 220-260   100 kg 200 kg    
Maximum workpiece weight (kg)
Pallet size
GPS 240 Square GPS 240 Round Dynafix Delphin DelphinBig
Ø 256   150 kg      
⧄ 240-300 150 kg        
⧄ 280-400     250 kg    
398              2000 kg  
448       2000 kg  
250-3000       500 kg / chuck; max 2000 kg  
500-10000         2000 kg / chuck; max 10000 kg   

MacroStd and MacroHP

Macro is a reference system. A system that minimises the throughput time, and which, thanks to its accuracy, practically eliminates rejects. A system that increases flexibility and profitability…


Nano-precision machining requires nano-precision referencing of workpieces and tools- a real challenge even with state of the art solutions available in the market…


MacroMagnum is larger variant of the patented Macro system. The high clamping force and the position of the reference surfaces far away from the chuck centre…


As well as extreme accuracy, Matrix features low construction height, ultra-precise indexing, a drawbar with through hole. The through hole allows high/long workpieces to be sunk into the chuck for stable/rigid fixation…

GPS 70 and GPS 120

The machining zero point is defined by the centre of the chuck in the GPS 70 and GPS 120 system. The chucks can be mounted on the machine table of any machine tool…

GPS 240

The machining zero point is defined by the centre of the chuck in the GPS 240 system. The system is made for universal use and can be used in all kinds of applications milling, turning, grinding, EDM and measuring…


Dynafix permits machining with optimal cutting data, without sacrificing accuracy and quality. The easy-to-handle aluminium pallets have reference elements of high-alloy steel with directly measurable Z-references…

Delphin and Delphin BIG

The modular design with the Delphin zero point clamping system offers you the greatest possible flexibility...


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