Teeth on a disc

Whether for individual crowns or for more complex structures such as bridges, the custom machining of dental devices requires precision and high-speed Spindle technology. However, to be efficient, Automation is also a must. GF Machining Solutions offers producers of dental implants and superstructures Automated production solutions that include:

  • Five-axis Milling with industry-leading Step-Tec 42k rpm Spindles
  • RFI chip-enabled pallet system for a positioning accuracy within microns
  • Automated loading and unloading of raw materials to be processed
  • Job scheduling function within WorkShopManager with possibility to connect to customers' ERP

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Implant screws

Creating a rough surface for osseo-integration traditionally required the use of sand-blasting and/or acid etching.  With GF Machining Solutions proven technology of laser blasting, manufacturers can:

  • Avoid masking and other secondary operations
  • Eliminate the cost for the use and disposal of consumables such as sand/grit, acid, and cleaning fluids
  • Ensure a repeatable surface quality thanks to a fully digital process

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