5-axis vertical milling

Expand your capabilities, reduce setup times and handle highly complex parts with automation-ready vertical 5-axis CNC milling machine technology.

Developed to handle the complex contours and geometries required for modern part and mold production, 5-axis CNC machines add two rotational axes to the three axes to enable advanced machine movement and optimized tool paths. 5-axis machining gives manufacturers greater access to the workpiece, allowing manufacturers to handle the most complicated parts in fewer setups for higher throughput and reduced costs. And with GF Machining Solutions’ industry-leading 5-axis vertical milling machine technology, shops can reach the highest levels of accuracy with robust, dynamic equipment built for easy integration into any manufacturing system. 

MILL S/X U Series

Dynamic, precise machining for perfect finishes

MILL P U Series

Agility for the future

MILL E 500/700 U

Unleash your full potential

MILL E 1000/1400/1900 U

Efficient productive solution for big parts and molds

Dynamic, precise machining for perfect finishes

Achieve high dynamic, precision and surface finish in mold and part production with the highest productivity on the most iconic compact machine. With an optimized thermal management system and the possibility to easily integrate Automation, the Mikron MILL S/X U series is the perfect match for customers who are looking to optimize their processes.


A flexible solution for 5-axis machining excellence

Robust, stable and highly accurate, the Mikron MILL P U series’ gantry-style machines make it easy for manufacturers to integrate high-performance machining capabilities in their mold and part-production operations. The water-cooled direct drives, robust gantry design, vibration-damping machine bed and flexible, highly dynamic spindle make it easy to achieve the best surface finishes and highest accuracy. Whether making molds or producing parts, shops can leverage the full 5-axis performance of these machines for the toughest applications in the aerospace, defense, automotive and home appliance industries.

Unleash your shop’s full mold and part-production potential

A next-generation solution developed to help manufacturers handle the widest range of parts possible, the Mikron MILL E U series can handle 5-axis applications for job shops and major manufacturers alike. Ideal for industries such as automotive, energy and general engineering, these machines use a stiff cast iron machine base, large guideways, advanced chip removal systems and a double side-supported rotary table for reliable machining and high-quality parts.


Efficient productive solution for big parts and molds

Produce efficiently accurate and precise parts with high surface quality to meet the expectations of your customers in the part production and mold and die in general mechanical, aerospace and automotive industries. Count on enduring precision – even over long machining times- thanks to a sturdy portal cast base and hand-scraped key components. Achieve unbeatable productivity and accuracy on this range thanks to this solution's integrated automation and machining dynamics over long milling process.