Excellence in results

Deliver the highest precision parts with CUT 1000 series' X-treme precision version. The innovative mechanical structure of the CUT 1000 and a consistent separation of the sources of heat from the EDM area, kept constantly under water, as well as an optimal water circuit ensure the prerequisites for outstanding results.

Process automation

Automate your productivity and use large wire for fast, cost-effective roughing, while machining with thin wire to cut fine radii at the best precision. Control the part from design to quality control with a complete integrated solution.

Flexibility and efficiency

Simplify your manufacturing process with the ultra-flexible machine and HMI concept and reduce delivery time to your customers. Increase reactivity and take urgent jobs or change your day and night strategies on the fly.

CUT 1000 / CUT 1000 OilTech

2 x 8 kg

Numbers of wires available with Automatic Wire Changer. The CUT 1000 also has optimal capacity on the two wire circuits.

0.020 mm

High accuracy in the inner radii. Exactness in machining the small details with provision for machining inner radii down to 0.020 mm.

CUT 1000 OilTech

CUT 1000 series OilTech version are designed for the excellence in surface integrity and surface finish. Reduce the number of cuts needed to achhieve the best surface finish.

No corrosion

Parts machined on the CUT 1000 OilTech have exceptional surface quality. There is no coloration due to oxidation or redeposit of materials suspended in the dielectric.

Oil machining for ultimate results

Get the perfect solution for luxury watches.The machined parts are sound and without defect, ready to be used, aesthetically perfect, and of exceptional quality, meeting the very high demands of the watch making industry.

CUT 1000 OilTech


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