Small working-travel-to-footprint ratio

Get the working travel capacity essential to drilling and shaping combustor liners, at a fraction of the footprint typically required.

Hybrid base concept for stability

Improve your accuracy on parts requiring long cycle times, thanks to this solution’s polymer cast base with natural granite substructure and its active temperature stabilization.

Integrated metrology

Optimize your workflow and increase your machine uptime thanks to this solution’s integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) camera for process monitoring.

Four configurations

Designed around aerospace needs, the ML-10 is available in four configurations: CLP (combustor long pulse) for drilling and shaping combustor liners; NLP (nozzles long pulse) for drilling nozzles; NA (nozzle ablation) for shaping nozzles; and the ML-10 equipped with a femtosecond Laser for zero heat-affected zones.

±2 µm positioning accuracy

Achieve the optimized productivity that comes from high and constant speed with this solution’s core design principle: short structural loops for a low center of gravity. Granite delivers temperature stability due to its low thermal expansion coefficient.

1 µm repeatability

Repeatable precision and quality are at your fingertips with this solution's combination of ironless linear motors and high-resolution glass scales.

Compact footprint

Significantly increase your productivity per square meter thanks to this solution's compact design.


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