Full turnkey solutions from one single source

In order to meet your quality and quantity production targets, Liechti does offer a complete solution including machine, software, tools, clamping and fixtures as well as production start up support.

In addition to the full turnkey solutions we offer direct access to our team of experts in airfoil milling. This ensures our immediate support.

Machine Technology

The rigid and at the same time high dynamic Liechti airfoil machining center builds the core of a cost efficient and high quality turnkey solution.


The Liechti Turbosoft plus CAM software dedicated for airfoil machining allows to generate optimized tool paths and process parameters for efficient blade and blisk production.
  • Turbosoft-plus software questions
  • Development of specific CAM strategies 

Process Technology

As an important part of the turnkey solution, we develop and provide an application specific process concept including the tooling and fixturing concept leading for cost efficient and high quality production.

Continuous support

Throughout the entire machine lifecycle, our team of experts will support you with advanced applications training, process optimization, machine tuning and more to help you continuously enhance the productivity.
  • Training
  • Preventive services
  • Advanced services
  • Upgrades

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