Perfect engraving to boost your quality

Shorten your lead time, and increase your quality thanks to the burr-free engraving requiring no post-treatment, thanks to the advantages of femtosecond Laser.

A scalable solution

Start with a standard nanosecond laser and integrate a femtosecond Laser source later. Your machine is ready to answer your existing and future challenges.

Simplify your processes

Execute multi operations in a single setup to save your time and simplify your manufacturing process. On the same machine in a single setup, Laser texturing, Laser blasting, Laser engraving, and Laser marking operations can be realized on the most complex parts, with unprecedented quality.



Smallest spot size

Choose the specific lens best suited to your application. Depending on your needs, three types of lenses are available for small three-axis Laser operations and for larger five-axis jobs.

Laser sources

Short pulsed laser are needed to perform good texturing operations. From 30 to 100 W, we have the right tool to match your expectation.

Laser technology

The best value for your money, nanosecond Laser matches to your needs by offering a perfect compromise between quality and speed. With Laser flexipulses, be ready to fine-tune your parameters to match your speed and quality targets.

Movement type

Our Laser machine offers you the possibility to apply your desired texture on any 3D complex parts with the requested quality, thanks to our 5axis Laser ablation technology.

Examples of possible configurations
  • 3 or 5 axis
  • laser source possibilities:
    a) 1 nano source
     b) 1 femto source (20W or 40W IR/GR)
    c) 1 nano + 1 femto 20W.
  • Choice of focal lens, f-Theta or Telecentric, with spot sizes ranging from 15 to 50 um
Discover our LASER P 400 videos

Testimonial - DM Surfaces S.A –  AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 Femto Flexipulse

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