Silver+ | Secure your future

Your growth production plan has kicked off; you now need full security to deliver on ambitious goals.

Zero risk to you on the efficiency and stability of your production plant

With the Silver+ Success Pack, you won’t compromise the life cycle of your machine because all possible costs are covered; you eliminate risk for your company. You’ll benefit from maximum security for your data and the precision stability of your key production tool. This way, you guarantee 100% stability and quality of your deliveries, and total satisfaction of your customers’ requirements, so you can continue to grow and reach your goals with confidence.

0 risk
Silver+ table

Distinctive services

Secure backup icon
Secure Backup

Annual software backup on USB or clone on external device.

Ball bar testing icon
Ball Bar Testing

Yearly positioning performance check-up for NC machines according to high accurate measure of circular path.

Extended warranty icon
Extended Warranty

Additional one year warranty with spare parts, Step-Tec spindles and labor included.


Silver+ Success Pack

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