Tire mold solutions

Whether your products are TBR tire steel or PCR tire aluminium mold segments, puzzle molds, full sidewall molds, 3D-sipes or segment molds using Additive Manufacturing, GF Machining Solutions is committed to offering you optimized and dedicated solutions combining Additive Manufacturing, Laser, 5-axis Milling and Wire EDM, and integrating flexible Automation, Tooling and tire-dedicated softwares.

Whether your products are tire molds, lighting modules or car connectors, GF Machining Solutions is committed to offering you a differentiated solution, delivering long-term customer- added -value...

Tire Mold solutions - Our recipe for success


Master mold

GF Machining Solutions has decades of experience in Ureol master molds machining with a secured process, bringing flexibility and reliability during the whole product's life cycle.

  • Dedicated machine with unique dust handling solution
  • Smooth jerks during simultaneous movement in five-axis at higher accelerations
  • Stand-alone to pallet magazine, autonomous unattended production to reach I4.0 levels
  • State-of-the-art Step-Tec Spindle supports from roughing to final finishing
  • Complete machining includes sipes machining with small end mill of Ø 0.2mm and up to 1.6mm deep.

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Direct engraving Direct engraving – aluminium and steel segment molds

Tire OEMs and mold makers are moving towards direct engraving molds due to stringent tire standards requiring stringent rolling resistance, reduced noise, effective braking and, most importantly, to pave the way for reduced emissions and better mileage.

  • Critical processes like gas holes and sipes
  • Uniquely tuned OSS Extreme helps achieve faster cycle time and Quality
  • Longer tools lengths with lower tool overhang that allows an easy approach to critical areas
  • System 3R clamping system, one-minute set-up, simple to manage and provides long-term reliability and repeatability
  • Effective chip handling and perfect thermal balancing for secured   processes that runs 24/7

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Side walls

Tire OEMs and mold makersneed to achieve distinctive and contrasted branding and the side wall is the perfect place for that. Traditional processes currently are too limited to manage production targets and match design features. Come and explore why tire supply chains are moving towards GF Machining Solutions' Laser technology which includes complete pre-processing by Milling.

  • One process that covers engraving, texturing
  • Design freedom, open up new possibilities
  • Manufacture with a reliable and stable process
  • Easy replication of processes and output at every location across continents
  • Milling adds the additional advantage for mold makers to achieve faster time-to-market
  • Explore proven and secure processes covering simultaneous Milling and turning and milling special grooves and gas holes followed by a Laser process. Achieve faster time-to-market to stay competitive

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TBR and winter tires

Car winter tires and truck and bus radials have unique geometry and corner radius. They are mostly made of steel alloys, making it a challenge for mold makers to have stable, reliable processes with fast cycle times.

  • Small diameter with corner radius below 0.5mm becomes more critical in mold shop’s for a stable process on steel materials.
  • GF Machining Solutions offers solutions with graphite milling followed by die-sinking EDM for a reliable, smooth and stable process.
  • Flexibility to link graphite Milling with EDM for autonomous and secured process
  • Take away the hassles of operator’s time, schedule management
  • A lean automated cell to link Milling and EDM technologies with CMM measurement and cleaning, for a full autonomy.
  • Digital generators in EDM product lines ensures close to zero wear
  • Easy and simple HMI, simplifies processes in EDM

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