Our high-performance Milling (HPM) centers with a polymer-granite portal design take the risk out of complex, five-axis blisk production without consuming much floor space.

Blisk production

Our high-performance Milling (HPM) centers with a polymer-granite portal design take the risk out of complex, five-axis blisk production without consuming much floor space

  • Clean and chatter-free leading and trailing edge quality
  • Rigid machine design for ultra-dynamic Milling without vibration marks
  • Tilted rotary table with high-acceleration, horizontal Spindle configuration for complete blisk machining in one setup
  • Specialized TURBOSOFT plus CAM software for efficient programming and process optimization of blisks

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Fir-tree disk

Our CUT 200 Dedicated wire EDM solution is already replacing the conventional broaching process. A tilting axis combined with a rotary axis ensures accurate part positioning for fir-tree slot machining.

  • Any geometry can be machined in any material
  • Digital EDM technology for minimum heat-affected layer, maximum speed
  • Increased fir-tree accuracy and reduced leakage at the blade root
  • eTracking : real time data monitoring

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Seal slot on nozzle guide vanes

Tight seal slot reduces turbine leakage which helps seal slot producers achieve fast cycle times, low electrode wear for better precision and minimal recast layers for surface integrity.

  • Embedded technology for multi-rib slots
  • Fast and repeatable process due to a fully integrated technology accessible directly from the HMI
  • Reduced resharpening frequency with low erosion wear
  • Scalable Automation with automatic offset for autonomous production

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Primary prerequisites for maximum precision and superior surface quality of complex impellers include damping and stability of components. We offer a dual drive system in the Y-axis and mechanical dampening for dynamics and stability.

    • Circular swivel table with water-cooled direct drives to ensure highest torque and acceleration in demanding conditions
    • Dual drive system in the Y axis and mechanical dampening for dynamics
    • Most compact impellers are used for helicopter turbines, jet engines and the auxiliary power units (APUs) that start aircraft engines and run accessories

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    Fleet replacements spurred by ambitious emissions reduction targets push OEMs to develop engines with exotic materials like turbine steel, Inconel, Udimet, René and titanium aluminide. GF Machining Solutions helps you take the lead in managing these challenges.

      • Highest profile accuracy and trailing edge quality in shortest machining time
      • Complete machining in one setup, including bar feeding, five-axis Milling, turning, root machining, threading, chamfering, engraving and brushing
      • Rigid, compact layout of all axes for high jerk machining
      • Turn-key solution including specialized TURBOSOFT plus CAM software

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      The diffuser prepares incoming air for proper air-fuel mixing and combustion—it must provide maximum room for incoming air to reduce speed and build up pressure for good combustion.

      • Any 3D airfoil design can be machined with multi-axis EDM
      • Complete freedom in the choice of material
      • Extensive research allows to us to design the right sparks for achieving ultimate recast layer control and repeatability
      • Reduce costs with a repeatable and traceable process

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      Turbine rear vane

      As a result of the collaboration between GF Machining Solutions and 3D Systems, the new DMP Factory 500 (Direct Metal Printing) offers clever engineering solutions and helps manufacturers of aerospace components to build consistent and seamless parts, even of large size, using Additive Manufacturing.

      • One large part in 48 hours
      • Largest seamless part of the market 
      • Shortened lead time and reduced  manufacturing costs

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