System 3R Hybrid automation

Concept for mix palletized automation together with parts handling. For Parts Handling, fully automatic change from part A to part B in the machine The system keeps track of NCprogram, cassette, gripper, chuck adapters, quantity etc.

Always Easy-to-use and reliable

The software is based on the WorkShopManager/CellManager from System 3R.

Open architecture

As with all System 3R products, its open architecture allows it to interconnect and serve different machines.

Mix to your needs – Palletized or parts handling automation


Easy Step-by-step

System 3R Hybrid automation can serve 3 milling machines

According to the part dimensions

System 3R Hybrid automation supports 8 different grippers.

Up to 2655 mm radial reach

Step into 24/7 automation

Prepare an extra shift and make sure you produced 24/7.

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Cassette station software

Check the orders and which cassette type is required. Unload cassette from magazine to Cassette Station. Assign jobs to the materials. Load cassette to the magazine – start milling machine.

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Cassette Layout

Manufactured according to the Cassette dimensions.

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Storage for grippers and adapters

Rack magazine with gripper storage and pallet positions.


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