Atomation made simple

With glass doors across one full side, the WorkPal 1 gives maximum access to the magazine. This greatly facilitates the loading and unloading of pallets.

Smallest footprint

WorkPal 1 is a pallet changer that requires minimal floor space.

Different applications

Max 50 kg handling weight long stroke of 1450 mm

The WorkPal 1 can lift and handle a total weight of 50 kg including gripper, pallet and workpiece.

WorkPal 1 can serve max 1 machine

The WorkPal 1 serves all technologies like EDM, WEDM, Milling, Laser and Grinding

Supported tooling systems

The WorkPal 1 supports 1 tooling system in the magazine. There are 20 different tooling systems which can be prepared for in the magazine.

WorkPal 1 your first step into 24/7 automation

Prepare an extra shift and make sure you produced 24/7.

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Flexible magazine configuration

Several posibilities to configure the magazine to your needs

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Several options available

Tilt gripper for Wire-cutting EDM (wire EDM)


Magazine capacity/applicationPallet systemNo of positions
Table chuck – milling, grinding or EDMMacro 54 & 7024, 40 or 60
Macro with chip guard24
Matrix 11020
GPS 7024, 40 or 60
GPS 12020
Macro Ø 11620
MacroMagnum6, 10 or 12
Matrix 1426, 10 or 12
GPS 2407
UPC (fork gripper or RCS)4
ITS 5024, 40 or 60
ITS 1486, 10 or 12
Table chuck - wire EDMMacro WEDM12
MacroTwin WEDM4
PSW (RDS grippper)12
Wire EDM B-axisMacro 54 & 7012, 24 or 40
ITS 5012, 24 or 40

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