Rigid packaging

Manufacturing of rigid packaging containers and their molds pose a variety of technical challenges. Choosing chemically inert plastic resins require perfecting mold surfaces for seamless injection and ejection. Machining these deep-cavity molds with high material removal rates reduces mold delivery times and perfect restructuring of mold surfaces improves part demolding.

Deep cavity machining with 5-axis Milling

Increased consumer demands and product design puts pressure on mold makers to produce molds faster. With our 5-axis high-speed Milling solution, mold makers can achieve:

  • High material removal rates
  • Shortened tools to achieve excellent surface finish and feature integrity with 5-axis operation
  • Robust machine design to guarantee repeatability on cavity manufacturing

Cavity surface restructuring with Laser ablation

Our unique 5-axis Laser solution enables texturing of mold cavities to create aesthetic designs on packaging. The LASER S 1000 U brings you:

  • Increased productivity and texture quality withSmartpatch
  • Continuous texture without patch line on three-dimensional surfaces
  • Ability to machine a variety of mold tool material for plastics, resins and biodegradable material

3DS demolding surface with Die-sinking EDM

Our Die-sinking EDM offers a unique solution to achieve controlled mold cavity surface structures, in order to ease demolding during injection processes:

  • Modulate mold surface to achieve effortless injection molding process​

  • ​Achieve high quality with parametric controlled VDI, surface roughness and surface area

  • Boost productivity with a controlled injection process and reduced scrap rates


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