Step-Tec motor spindle service and repair

Step-Tec motor spindle service relies on a global network of repair centers backed by more than 25 years of experience with the entire lifecycle of spindle products.

Service Portfolio

Whenever you have questions about spindle technology, need onsite support or want more information about Step-Tec service, your personal contact at Step-Tec helps you find the right solutions. We value every customer, recognize their unique individual requirements and respond with customized solutions.

Your benefits:
  • Expert spindle repair
  • Spindle exchange program
  • Maintenance of all your spindles
  • Preventive maintenance and expedited repair
  • Onsite support
  • Maintenance training
  • Application consulting
  • Global logistics
Service hotline

All our service centers use 100% original parts for spindle repairs.

Spindle factory repair

Customer-optimized repairs through Spindle Factory Repair (SFR) adapt specifically to your requirements and the state of your spindle lifecycle.

Spindle exchange program

Maintain the availability of your manufacturing equipment as your #1 priority with our customized Spindle Exchange Program (SEP).


Ensure the long service life of your Step-Tech motor spindles. Advance your knowledge and build your competitive advantages with workshops ranging from customized training to introductory courses.

Spindle onsite maintenance

Receive onsite spindle analysis and maintenance with exchange of worn parts from our global service team of technicians with extensive experience and optimal software solutions.