Minimize reworking time

Improve your processes, minimize your manual operation, and reach best cutting conditions and perfect surface finishing—no polishing needed.

Get your parts faster

Achieve efficient roughing and finishing operations on this machine thanks to the 20,000 rpm, 120 Nm Step-Tec Spindle.

Increase your productivity

Let the machine work as much as possible. Take on a second or third shift while lowering your costs, thanks to integrated Automation from the back.

MILL P 900

100% higest accuracy

Thank to temperature controlled machine base, Spindle and other key components.

50% more productivity

Integrated automation and professional chip management

-50% of working time

With new process posibilities thanks to 20K Step-Tec Spindle and stiff and stable machine base.

-98% downtime

From hours to minutes thanks to: - Machine and Spindle Protection (MSP) - Live Remote Assistance (LRA) - GF Industry 4.0 Module


MILL P 900

Main Specifications

Travel X, Y, Z 900 x 600 x 450 mm
Feed rate X/Y/Z 30 m/min
Working table T-slot table 1000 x 600 mm
Delphin pallet 400 x 400 mm
Table load 1000 kg
Working spindle 20'000 rpm - HSK-A63
36'000 rpm - HSK-E50
Tool magazine 30 / 60 pockets
Automation Pallet magazine 5 pallets Delphin
System 3R Workpartner 1+, Transformer WorkMaster & Transformer 6-axis

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