Answer your manufacturing challenges

Defeat the daily challenges of difficult-to-realize designs and quality deviations, and tackle functional surfaces in order to seize new business opportunities. We understand your concerns: Our Laser texturing technology helps you keep pace in an ever-changing manufacturing world requesting higher quality needs, while respecting environment challenges that we all face. Master your surface texturing up to the finest details, with a cleaner technology now.

Innovate without compromise

Say goodbye to conventional manufacturing limitations with a solution developed to reduce your technical and economic constraints: Propose new product designs with fewer limitations, and innovate with confidence. Product design possibilities are now endless.

Simplify your processes

Execute multi operations in a single setup to save your time and simplify your manufacturing process: On the same machine in a single setup, Laser texturing, Laser blasting, Laser engraving, and Laser marking operations can be realized on the most complex parts.

LASER P 600 U - 1000 U - 1200 U - 1200 U Dedicated

Smallest beam radius

Choose the specific lens best suited to your application. Depending on your needs, three types of lenses are available for small details in three-axis Laser operations and for larger five-axis jobs. Our five-axis Laser texturing machine takes care of all the details to serve your success.

Laser sources

Short pulsed laser are needed to perform good texturing operation. From 30 to 100 W we have the right tool to match your expectation. Our Laser Flexipulse offers you the freedom to fine-tune your quality-to-speed ratio accordinf to your application: our solution is all about you.

Laser technology

The best value for your money, nanosecond Laser matches your needs, offering a perfect compromise between quality and speed perfect to answer most of your current challenges related to your specific surface texturing needs.

Movement type

Our Laser machine offers you the possibility to apply your desired texture on any 3D complex parts with the requested quality, thanks to our 5axis Laser ablation technology.

Get an answer to new market demands

With a digital process, it becomes easy to control texture continuity between two parts: With Laser texturing, be ready to have a homogenous product with no deviation from your design in terms of quality. Answer geometrical pattern demands: the control of each detail of these patterns is even more important as they are directly seen. With our solution, you control the orientation and size of each detail to suit your needs, down to the finest details.

Execute perfect texture profiles while saving time

Geometrical textures require perfect profile accuracy. With Smartpatch, our advanced patching generation, the software adapts the Laser patching strategy to the texture to be reproduced on an AgieCharmilles Laser texturing machine and situates patches at the best position to guarantee perfect execution of your operation while optimizing the patching to achieve an uncompromising level of quality and productivity. The program is executed with the Smartscan which drives the productivity of your hardware with intelligence and efficiency: Your program is executed at the optimal speed to push the productivity of your machine to the maximum.

Quickly simplify your processes

Execute multi operations in a single setup to save your time and simplify your manufacturing process. On the same machine, Laser blasting offers higher flexibility, precision and ease of use compared to sandblasting to boost quality and application possibilities while optimizing lead time. Laser engraving and Laser marking execute form operations which simplifies complex manufacturing process to save time. Laser texturing performs texturing operations to extend surface design possibilities and quality compared to manual processes.

Envision a secured manufacturing process

Surface texturing is at the last step in your process. Having an incorrect surface grain generated by a human error can compromise your part conformity. Substitute manual technologies and reduce non-quality costs. Experience the game-changing advantage of a digital technology: stable quality throughout your production.

Tire-dedicated solution

Raise your brand visibility on your tire mold with unique aestetic Laser texturing operations. Achieve the flexibility you need with a machine that easily engraves everything from bicycle to truck tire molds—without changing the way you work, thanks to our dedicated tire software module.

LASER P 4000 U - Go big, go Laser today

GF Machining Solutions’ revolutionary AgieCharmilles LASER P 4000 U allows automotive color and trim studios and product and interior design centers to take differentiation to new and higher levels. The machine makes mastering the most complex textures easy on even the biggest molds such as large positive molds, door panels, dashboards molds as example, thanks to a fully digital process coupled with a  five-axis machining solution  accepting molds of more than 22 tons.

Part weight

Trends in the automotive market indicate consumer demands for more personalization and quality at the right price. OEMs need to fullfill these needs with higher process efficiencies. With the AgieCharmilles LASER P 4000 U, be ready to tackle these challenges as your biggest molds and reach the same texture quality targets as your smaller tools.

X axis travels

In addition to the weight, the machine offers unrivaled axis travels up to 4000 x 3000 x 1170 mm (X,Y,Z) to answer most of your large application requiring precise Laser operations.

Extra-large capacity handles the biggest molds

The AgieCharmilles LASER P 4000 U, the biggest laser texturing solution on the market, enables highly accurate texturing of even the largest workpieces. Your distinct textures can easily be applied to oversize molds for end products like truck and auto bumpers, instrument and door panels, central consoles, airbag covers, and headlights, aircraft and luxury yacht interiors, home appliances and big-screen TVs, as well as casting molds and forging tools.

A unique machining capability allowed by a unique Laser Head

The AgieCharmilles LASER P 4000 U Laser head allows you to have unique machining accessibility thanks to long focal lenses, A and B axis positioned on the Laser head feature to provide full freedom of manufacturing, and increased machining efficiency.

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