Ready for micromachining

With this sinker solution’s new discharge circuit for spark erosion power modulation and the flexibility to maximize material removal, you can reach unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency. Finishing details are achieved by reducing the spark gap to just a few microns.

Perfect machining conditions for higher details

Workshop temperature fluctuation will never impact your part machining precision, thanks to this die-sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM) solution’s dual thermostabilization system. It is a major innovation when working close to micron dimensions.

FORM S 350



Part weight

Experience superior mechanical stability and precision across the life of the die-sinking EDM machine, thanks to its short C axis construction and oversize cast iron frame. As a result, your accuracy is uncompromised by part weight or dielectric volume and your precision is further advanced.

Position resolution

To obtain reliable positioning accuracy, only linear glass scales are effective. They eliminate all the classic errors, such as backlash, expansion and wear effects. The axis servo control system developed by GF Machining Solutions for die-sinking EDM machines is a closed loop measurement solution designed to provide infallible accuracy, whatever the travel.

Perfect surfaces, for you

Get a flexible tool guaranteeing desired surface texture in die sinking electrical discharge machining with our 3DS technology. It saves maintenance costs by minimizing residue accumulation on molds and reducing friction and ejection forces, so you get higher productivity and flexibility, greater end product quality, more process repeatability, and homogeneity of granularity.

Graphite wear

GF Machining Solutions’ iQ (innovation + Quality) and iGap (intelligent gap, achieving a smaller, therefore more precise, side gap at higher speed) innovations help overcome these disadvantages by enabling machining with virtually zero wear when using graphite electrodes.

Reach unprecedented levels of quality

Ramp up your efficiency and quality, thanks to this die sinker’s new discharge circuit allowing spark erosion power modulation and the flexibility to maximize material removal. Achieve greater finishing detail by reducing the gap to a few microns. You’ll achieve higher machining yields while preserving electrode geometry, due to an extremely low rate of electrode wear.

Boost manufacturing efficiency

Thank to the ISPG generator micromachining module, the AgieCharmilles FORM S 350 die-sinking EDM solution process combining profile accuracy and productivity, always maintaining highest accuracy and perfect details.

3DS mold surface texturing

With 3DS, your surfaces are qualified in both crater height and width and the craters left by die-sinking EDM are perfectly controlled. You achieve a structure so smooth and uniform that it cannot be seen by the human eye. This technology dramatically reduces plastic adherence towards mold inserts, maximizes plastic part demolding efficiency and reduces plastic injection cycle time.

Accurca-C, the best high-performance axis on the market

A rugged C axis delivers high positioning precision regardless of electrode weight (up to 25 kg) and full machine current. Completely integrated, the C axis is easily extended to increase X and Y travels when machining very large parts. Integrated into the quill of the Z axis, the AgieCharmilles S series' C axis is incredibly flexible, producing perfect curved recesses and undercuts.

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