• Clean and chatter-free leading and trailing edge quality
  • Rigid machine design for ultra-dynamic Milling without vibration marks
  • Tilted rotary table with high-acceleration, horizontal Spindle configuration for complete blisk machining in one setup
  • Specialized TURBOSOFT plus CAM software for efficient programming and process optimization of blisks
The solution for production of medium to large blisks

Roughing and finishing of airfoil, in 1 setup as well as probing and adaptive machining of welded blisks.

Uncompromising for airfoils

High-dynamic machining around the entire airfoil for better quality results and longer tool life

Liechti g-Mill series / go-Mill series

g-Mill 850 / g-Mill 1150 / g-Mill 1350

REC. PART DIA. 850 mm, 1150 mm, 1350 mm

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