Mill perfectly accurate parts, every time

For molds, dies and electrodes that require lengthy machining cycles, maintaining consistent accuracy can be a challenge. Complete thermal stabilization, oversize linear guideways and ball screws, and a symmetrical polymer concrete machine bed give the MILL P 500 everything it needs for long-term precision.

Cut down lead times and production costs

Achieve high-quality surfaces and eliminate time-consuming manual polishing with the power and precision of the MILL P 500’s 42,000 rpm Step-Tec spindle. With outstanding rigidity even at high speeds, this advanced spindle technology simplifies finishing operations so you can speed up part production and meet your customers’ needs.

Uninterrupted machining, all day and all night

For the highest return on investment, the automation-ready design of the MILL P 500 features a comprehensive range of automation options, including palletized and fully integrated part loading at the rear of the machine, for unsurpassed flexibility across extended periods of uninterrupted production.

MILL P 500

Stability you can count on

To achieve less than five micrometers of deviation on parts machined over periods of 24 hours or more, you need the highest level of precision. The MILL P 500 uses its rigid, thermostabilized machine body to address all heat generated during machine operation and account for thermal changes, all of which ensures ±4 µm precision across the entirety of long part-production cycles.

Finish parts faster

Manufacturers must often rely on time-consuming benchwork to achieve the fine surface finishes necessary for advanced molds, dies and electrodes. Skip the manual polishing – and get finished, high-quality parts into your customers’ hands faster – with the advanced capabilities of the MILL P 500, which can be leveraged to achieve surface finishes finer < Ra 0.1 µm.

Reduced cycle times with higher spindle dynamics

To keep up with the competition, you have to be more than precise – you have to be fast. Give yourself the advantage with the MILL P 500’s highly dynamic Step-Tec 42,000 rpm spindle and the machine’s 30 m/min feed rate, which will help you reduce production costs and surpass your customers’ expectations.

Automation ready for 24/7 productivity

For around-the-clock productivity, you require manufacturing technology that can be easily integrated with automation solutions. The MILL P 500 offers expansive tool magazines and compatibility with an affordable compact pallet-changing robot to ensure that manufacturers can take advantage of their equipments’ long-term precision 24/7/365.

Perfect long-term repeatability

For multicavity molds like these, the electronics industry requires incredible consistency over long machining periods – well over eight hours for these 15 cavities, for example. Thanks to the exceptional reliability of the MILL P 500, the manufacturer had no issues achieving the required surface quality of Ra 0.2 µm, with smart machine modules holding maximum deviation to 3 µm in X, 2 µm in Y and 1 µm in Z.

Consistent accuracy

The male and female sides of this test mold are so well-matched that, when placed together, they form a perfect cube with no visible gap. This ±0.005 mm contour accuracy and 0.112 µm surface quality is made possible with the MILL P 500’s robust gantry-style design and powerful Step-Tec spindle, which enable incredible consistency for long part cycles.

Minimize downtime with reliably exceptional machine performance

Electrodes require milling perfect surfaces and exact dimensions in materials like copper tungsten – and repeating the same tasks to the same level of precision, day after day. For these electrodes, a manufacturer achieved less than 5 µm accuracy thanks to the MILL P 500’s rigid body and integrated cooling system.

The highest surface quality, every time

For outstanding surface quality without sacrificing process efficiency and reliability, the 42,000 rpm Step-Tec spindle equipped on the MILL P 500 is designed for the highest level of stability even at top speed. With this advanced spindle, manufacturers can mitigate the risk of scrap and easily achieve Ra 0.05 µm surface.

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