Maintain consistently stable quality

Unique granite-based mechanical design. Get the enhanced productivity that comes from achieving high and constant speed, thanks to this solution’s core design principle: short structural loops for a low center of gravity. Granite delivers thermal stability due to its low thermal expansion coefficient.

One process to improve in quality, efficiency and flexibility

Experience the perfect combination of precision and flexibility in one Laser solution and machine even the most complex designs in a single setup—all with unmatched part quality and an optimized workflow.

Reduce scrapped parts

Easily handle small, thin-walled parts and avoid the risk of scrapped parts, thanks to our smart clamping tool. This innovative concept manages and clamps your parts without damage.

Femtosecond Laser process

Minimize material lost during the machining process, achieve superior, burr-free surface finishing, and get dimensional control—all thanks to femtosecond Laser pulses allowing clean material ablation.

Zero heat-affected zones (HAZ)

Achieve perfect cuts in seconds and produce medical devices in a single process thanks to the reduced heat-affected zone (HAZ) enabled by femtosecond Laser. Engrave a wide range of materials—burr-free.

1 µm repeatability

Benefit from the repeatable precision and quality delivered by this solution’s ironless linear motors combined with high-resolution glass scales and its effective beam shape.

Zero scrap

Profit from high throughput rates and produce little to no scrap with this Automation-ready solution requiring no consumables or dedicated tooling.

'One setup

Simplify your operator's life and reduce scrap by creating simple to complex parts in a single setup.

Flexible catheter tube

Discover an easy cutting process for complex flexible tube contours. With our simplified production process—including clean, no-burr cutting—you eliminate post-processing operations and dramatically reduce your operating costs.

Clean, reliable machining process

Combine your drilling and cutting processes to reduce your manufacturing time—and produce perfect overall accuracy and clean parts. Benefit from this solution’s flexibility and speed: It machines multiple shapes in a single setup and is three times faster than conventional processes.

Easily produce parts with challenging features

Signigificantly reduce the scrap rate associated with challenges like difficult contours, multiple setups, and thin walls.


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