Achieve excellent edge and surface quality and straight sidewalls 

Machine perfect holes and other features in seconds, thanks to the industry-leading ML-5 ultrafast Laser micromachining platform’s combination of part handling, motion control, and real-time positioning feedback. At the same time, achieve ultrahigh surface and edge quality, thanks to this solution’s ability to machine a wide range of materials with no tool wear and no heat-affected zone.







Machine dimensions*

2010 x 2450 x 2720 mm

79.1 x 96.5 x 107.2 in

Machine weight

2730 kg

6019 lbs

Yb: KGW (Diode-pumped)

40/80 W

Accessory cabinet dimensions *

1000 x 1200 x 1580 mm

39.5 x 47.1 x 62.2 in

Electrical and Pneumatic supply

Electrical and Pneumatic supply

Nominal power

7.2 kVA

Air pressure

7 bar

0.68 MPa

Required air output flow

280 l/min

74.8 gal/min



X, Y, Z travels (3-axis)

280 x 350 x 260 mm

11.02 x 13.78 x 10.24 in

X, Y, Z travels (5-axis)

120 x 350 x 260 mm

4.72 x 13.78 x 10.24 in

A (tilt) travel

+95° to -125°
C (rotary) travel 360° (continuous)

* Width x length x height

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