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When a new manufacturing era begins

Aligned with GF Machining Solutions’ vision of the smart factory of the future, our Laser texturing technology helps you overcome your daily manufacturing challenges while allowing you to innovate without compromise, speed up your time to market, and reduce your environmental impact. Our Laser texturing solutions allows you to easily and with infinite repeatability make your distinct mark on 3D geometries in a wide range of industries such as automotive interiors, automotive lighting, tire, consumer electronics, packaging, cosmetic, luxury goods, medical, home appliances, tooling, mold making, and lifestyle/consumer products like shoes, sporting products and more. Laser texturing is poised to transform the texturing of plastic injection molds and allow designers to innovate without limits thanks to our unique Laser texturing product portfolio answering your specific needs : Laser texturing, Laser blasting, Laser engraving, and Laser etching services can be answered with the same and unique solution.

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