The universal machine technology interface - the global common language of machine tool and production.

Ease integration for 3rd party usage and reduce cost of integration

Improve machine analysis with the same language and structured data

Safe and Secure encrypted communication Data due to access granted with user and password

Leverage production process and efficiency

umati is an open standard based on OPC UA for machine tool users throughout the world. It serves to exploit new potentials for manufacturing of the future.

The VDW (German Machine Tool builder's association) is a member of the OPC Foundation and thus part of the OPC UA community. In a joint effort, partners and VDW created umati. It enables machine tools and peripherals to connect to customer-specific IT ecosystems – easy, secure, and seamless. 

GF Machining Solutions is active as an application partner to share know-how and define the OPC UA companion specification.

Via Cecimo, the European machine tool umbrella association, and its counterparts in the United States, South Korea, China and Japan, VDW is firmly tied to the international machine tool environment.

umati has set itself the goal to create the standard for connecting machine tools to IT systems in the production environment (vertical integration). In the long term, the following parameter groups are covered:

  • Uniform machine identification
  • Operating state of the machine tool
  • Information on production order
  • Supply information (energy, material)
  • Tools and workpieces
  • Storage systems
  • Forecasts on user interactions

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