A stand-alone software programming module to get the most performance out of your GF Die-sinking EDM machines. Discover the unique capabilities of FORM eCAM to leverage your CAD data and optimize your EDM program!

Augmented with even more programming intelligence, the new version of FORM eCAM v1.2.0 contains additional features that simplify and optimize your EDM process!


Leverage your CAD data

  • All standard CAD formats can be used
  • Import STL CAD model from your CAM simulation as "PartBeforeEDM"
  • Programming steps guide you through the process
  • Automatic extraction of the "Shape to Machine" geometry to erode
  • Optional geometrical interface to CAD systems

Optimize your EDM program

  • Generate EDM settings based on analysis of the extracted geometry
  • Estimation of the machining time
  • Export a complete and optimized program directly to your machine
  • Application type and optimum undersize suggestions
  • Optional export of jobs to Automation systems

Benefits for you

  • Get your first part right
  • Bring your operator to expert level in a short period of time
  • Harmonize your CAD/CAM programming
  • Seamlessly go from CAD to machining
  • Get the most out of your Die-sinking EDM machine
  • Easy to download, install and activate

Two subscription possibilities

Subscription limited to one year

  • Same fee every year
  • Includes updates and support

Perpetual license plus maintenance contract

  • Buy the software, including support and updates for the first year
  • Receive support and updates via contract from the second year

New features with FORM eCAM v1.2.0

  • Automatic calculation of the number of electrodes required for a job
  • Intelligent machining sequence generation established on predefined electrode usage strategies
  • Job optimization based upon production batches and pallets
  • Automatic export of job preparation reports

FORM eCAM, the first real CAM for Die-sinking EDM

Learn more about our breakthrough stand-alone software programming module, developed to easily get the most performance out of your GF Machining Solutions Die-sinking EDM machine!

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Our technical webinar

In this webinar, understand the technical explanations on how GF Machining Solutions' FORM eCAM defines the best parameters for your EDM process based on CAD data. Our EDM and software specialists give you all the details!

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