Pioneers in high-speed performance

The industry’s leading high-speed 3-axis vertical CNC mills offer ten times the speed of conventional machining centers.

Highest productivity per square meter

A compact machine footprint with integrated automation options makes single HSM 500 machines into complete manufacturing cells.

Perfect parts the first time

Advanced milling capabilities minimize or eliminate post-processing and guarantee the surface finishes required for complex mold and part production.

Smarter machining

Intelligent Thermal Control (ITC), Operator Support System (OSS), Advanced Process System (APS) and other smart machine modules increase reliability and reduce production costs.


Perfectly flawless surfaces

No polishing is necessary with the Mikron HSM 500 and the Mikron HSM 500 Graphite finishing capabilities. Ra 0.4 µm surface fishes and ±5 µm accuracy ensures the quality required for demanding glass mold and electrode applications – and allow for the shortest end-to-end production process possible.

Unparalleled quality with Step-Tec Spindles

The highest precision and unbeatable surface quality is easily achieved with a 42,000 rpm Step-Tec Spindle. The short run-up and break-in times cut down on total production time, while the oil-air lubrication and other advanced feature help to maximize the spindle’s lifetime.

Get parts done right the first time

GF Machining Solutions’ industry-leading high-speed machining technology, the ±1 µm repeatability of System 3R reference systems and a flexible, robust machine design with powerful dust extraction capabilities makes reliable, around-the-clock production a reality.

Machine graphite faster than ever before

As the fastest graphite-specific machines on the market, the Mikron HSM 500 Graphite delivers highly dynamic performance that enables 25% faster cycle speeds compared to competitors’ machines – and integrated automation pushes the productivity improvements even further.


Mikron HSM 500


X, Y, Z  500 x 450 x 350 mm

Working spindle (40% ED, S6)

42,000 rpm HSK-E40 13.0 kW
30,000 rpm HSK-E40 12.0 kW

Feed rate

Vorschub /Eilgang (X, Y) 20/42 m/min
Rapid Traverse  (X, Y, Z) 42 m/min

Work table

Clamping surface  550x450 mm
Max table load  200 kg

Tool magazine

HSK-E40 18/36 capacity

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