Through continuous improvement processes, Step-Tec develops premium quality components and ensures that our high-speed Spindles run with full operational safety.

Real-time spindle diagnosis takes on greater importance as Industry 4.0 becomes the operational necessity. Step-Tec offers a wide range of intelligent solutions developed through our pioneering work in spindle monitoring.

Spindle Diagnostic Software

Step-Tec's unique graphical user interface aids customer service teams and machine operators in diagnostic and analytical procedures. Integrated data logging optimizes milling processes and helps maximize spindle/machine service life. Step-Tec diagnostic software enhances spindle commissioning and examination in the field.

Through SDS, integrate spindle data via PROFIBUS or use an adapter to connect to PROFINET.

Twin Air Sealing

Twin Air Sealing (TAS) prevents oil leakage at the spindle and realise absolute tightness to eliminate contamination of workpieces and the machining area.

Opticool System

Without proper cooling, spindle shaft length increases in response to heat generated in the motor and bearings. Spindles need heat dissipation systems to preserve performance accuracy and generate more power. Step-Tec spindles include OCS, which guarantees optimal temperature distribution and stability, with polar distribution at the spindle jacket of  ∆T 1.4 C °. Depending on the spindle model, cooling systems support both motor and bearings.


COOL-Core spindles include shaft cooling in addition to heat dissipation for the motor and bearings. Water transfer from stationary to rotational parts works at speeds of up to 42,000 rpm.

SDM and V3D MEMS acceleration sensor

SDM (Spindle Diagnostic Module) records all process-relevant data throughout the entire service life of a Step-Tec spindle (black box). It collects and reports parameters including motor and bearing temperatures; clamping cycles; vibration of the x, y and z axes; operating hours; spindle speed with collision monitoring >30 g; as well as spindle status information.

On machine diagnosis

Spindle Diagnostic Software (SDS) records motor temperature, clamping cycles, vibration and optimization during onsite spindle operation, enabling our service technicians to check the condition of the entire spindle.

Off machine diagnosis

Customers can obtain data from onsite Spindle Diagnostic Software (SDS) operation and transfer the information to Step-Tec for analysis. After analyzing the data, our experienced support staff helps each customer make the correct decisions and spindle adjustments.