Mikron MILL P 1400 U ST

Reference No. M192#5414 Used machine
Rapid traverse speed: 32 m/min
X, Y, Z travel (w,d,h) 1400 x 1300 x 1000 mm
Spindle rpm: 15,000 min-1/HSK-T100 ST
Nr. of axes: 5
Turning function: Simultanious Turning
Pallet change: none
Tool magazine: 120x HSK-T100 ST
Machine location: Switzerland
Availability from: 12 weeks
Year of manufacture: 2018

Mikron HSM 800 + WPC

Reference No. M192#5181 Used machine
Rapid traverse speed: 40 m/min
X, Y, Z travel (w,d,h) 800 x 600 x 500 mm
Spindle rpm: 36,000 rpm (HSK 50 E)
Nr. of axes: 3
Pallet change: 600x800 4-fold
Tool magazine: 60 tools
Control Unit: Heidenhain iTNC530
Machine location: Spain
Availability from: tbc
Warranty:  tbc 
Year of manufacture: 2003
Spindle run hours: 71,000

Mikron HSM 300

Reference No. M107#4967 Used machine
Rapid traverse speed: 15 m/min
X, Y, Z travel (w,d,h) 380 x 390 x 255 mm
Spindle rpm: 30,000 rpm HSK 40E
Nr. of axes: 3
Pallet change: None
Tool magazine: 6 tools HSK 40 E
Machine location: Italy
Availability from: Immediately
Year of manufacture: 2013
Spindle run hours: 23,000

Mikron UCP 600

Reference No. M192#5045 Used machine
Rapid traverse speed: 22 m/min
X, Y, Z travel (w,d,h) 530 x 450 x 450 mm
Spindle rpm: 1,200 rpm ISO 40 without IKZ
Nr. of axes: 5
Pallet change: None
Tool magazine: 30x ISO 40
Machine location: Germany
Availability from: November 2019
Year of manufacture: 2004
Warranty: tbc

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