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Electronic components and ICT

Looking for a reliable partner in the manufacturing of electronic components and ICT devices

GF Machining Solutions helps you meet the technical and business challenges in the dynamic environment of electronic components and ICT manufacturing. Discover our best-in-class solutions based on decades of customer satisfaction.

We help you solve your challenges

Whether your products are precision molds for camera modules, gears, IC or stamping die tools for electrical leads, lead frames or metal housing for laptops and phones, GF Machining Solutions is committed to bring you a differentiated solution, delivering long-term customer added-value.

Create an IC encapsulation mold

To create a multi-cavity thermoforming mold, GF Machining Solutions provides a comprehensive Die-sinking EDM solution. The cavity, offering extreme flatness and perfect 3DS - VDI surface, enhances demolding, increases productivity and reduces scrap. In combination with high-speed precision electrode Milling technology, this solution provides complete control over quality, cost and productivity.

Discover our expertise in Electronic components and ICT

Other key applications

Our technologies

Milling - Optimal process stability

Pioneering the world of five-axis milling with Mikron Mill platforms, GF Machining Solutions is committed to increase the productivity of manufacturers, thanks to high-speed and high-performance solutions, our dynamic Step-Tec Spindles, our application-centric smart machine modules and the agility resulting from our System 3R Tooling and Automation solutions.

3D Laser Texturing - Limitless texture design possibilities

GF Machining Solutions' fully digitized Laser solutions accurately texture, engrave, microstructure, mark and label 2D and complex 3D geometries. They enable the creation of a variety of innovative textures on molded automotive interior components - with no limits.

EDM - Pushing the boundaries

GF Machining Solutions' latest-generation EDM technologies and onboard machining strategies boost machining speed while maintaining surface integrity, leaving no visible recast layer.


Solution approach for connectors

In today's competitive world, the unique consumer demands, price constraints and quick delivery are pushing the mold makers to design tools with increased accuracy, at reduced cost and higher production rates. To facilitate these demands GF Machining Solutions offers to adapt the overall connector manufacturing process based on true electrode geometry.


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