Hybrid technology combination with ICE Plus Battery system is widely used by car OEMs to answer to the stringent emission and mileage norms. The turbocharger technology gives credit to this achievement. There are cars with two or three turbochargers made from a wide variety of metals with complete machine compressor wheels to ensure ultimate balance for increased efficiencies.

  • Achieve highest cycle times for machining compressor wheels with perfectly tuned five-axis machines
  • Modular System 3R Tooling having highest reliability, providing flexibility
  • Connect machines and pre- and post-processes with flexible Automation lines
  • Completely designed Customer Services package ensures post-process uptime and cost
  • Step-Tec Spindle adds safety to ensure secure processes.
  • Reduce balancing requirement on post-process with highest reliability and repeatability
  • Dedicated machines and solutions package

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Fuel nozzle injection

Injection nozzles in gasoline engines are controlled by algorithms for better engine efficiency based on speed conditions and to keep fuel consumption at the best levels. The holes, which are close to the diameter of a human hair, have to be controlled within a micron level. Latest Euro standards are reverse tapered holes and need dedicated solutions to make them feasible.

  • Dedicated micromachining solution for automated, unattended processes
  • Laser technology with zero HAZ (Heat Affected Zone)
  • Connect pre- and post-processes with in-line measuring for continuous unattended autonomous production lines
  • Compact layout, reduced power, reduced and inventory costs
  • No cutting tools, frees up resources needed in conventional machining methods
  • Reduction of fuel consumption at petrol station by 15% - with Injection nozzles produced with Microlution Femto Laser machines

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