Lighting modules

Lighting gives a clear branding image to the car. In addition, OEMs and ODMs need to comply with the standard safety requirements for safe driving. 

Exterior lighting gives a clear branding image to the car. In addition, OEMs and ODMs need to comply with the standard safety requirements for safe driving.
Side mirror

Side mirror

Exterior lighting gives a clear branding image to the car. In addition, OEMs and ODMs need to comply with the standard safety requirements for safe driving. The product lifecycles are as short as six weeks and require a flexible manufacturing processes and machine technologies to support advanced design features.

  • Complete stand-alone mold process, using reliable Tooling for a secured process
  • Linking process and technologies with reliable Tooling to support the entire life cycle thanks to our proven System 3R solutions
  • Solutions ranging from stand-alones to connected machines, from Additive Manufacturing to Milling, Wire EDM, Die-Sinking EDM and Laser texturing.
  • Quick one-minute setup to link technologies and processes
  • Solutions for functional surfaces and improved ejection of plastics
  • Exclusive Customer Services solutions to achieve low downtime and low inventories to stay competitive

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Lens body mold

The headlights are like the human eye for the car, having various shapes, sizes and features. Here again, it is the shape and appearance that support branding in addition to ensuring the driver's safety. The fast changing designs and advanced features to support to the change to autonomous driving requires a flexible and reliable partner.

    • Handle heavy cutting to fine finishing with a balanced Spindle technology
    • Thermally stabilized machines, flexible and agile.
    • Laser technology helps to achieve faster time-to-market Faster to market
    • Laser blasting, texturing and engraving in one process
    • Optimized to reduce number of Tooling and inserts
    • Solution helps to reach designer's goal and offers full freedom in design.
    • System 3R Tooling with high accuracy ensures an effective production and increases machine utilization.
    • Opens up new design possibilities and increase branding and safety standards

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    Lens of headlights are critical in terms of enhancing the lighting illumination to provide effective luminance but also ensure, anti-glare properties, and enable drivers drive safely during day and night. The lens transmits and retracts light, thereby converging or diverging the beam.

    • High precision System 3R matrix nano, VDP (Vibration damped palletization) Tooling helps reach micron-level accuracy.
    • Step-Tec Spindle with unique ITM (Intelligent Tool Management) ensures secure processes and highly accurate results
    • Polymer concrete machine body absorbs vibrations
    • In-house designed rotary table with cooling for a stable process
    • OSS Extreme tuned for smooth jerks and faster cycle times, while keeping quality and reliability stable.

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    Interior and exterior car lights have different shapes, size and functions with reflectors to enhance light properties. This includes light diffusion to enable a quick response and provide effective safety measures.

    • Unique Tooling to move from process to process and technology to technology with ease
    • Long lead cycle times require a thermo-stabilisation system
    • Variations of ± 2 Microns only on each axis over a machining cycle time of 30-hours
    • Flexibility and agility is achieved by using a quick-change Tooling solution
    • System 3R Automation with stable and long lead accuracy provides additional autonomy

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    Rear lights

    The rear reflectors are a way to ensure design style and to enable highest safety levels as well as differentiate using branding. This opens wide design possibilities and to in corporate solutions to support self driving to autonomous hands- andeyes-off driving.

    • Apply 2D, 3D textures and sharp corners to produce unique reflectors 
    • Adhere to high safety standards with low use of LEDs and a short response time.
    • Open up wide possibilities for R&D 
    • Open up possibilities to reduce the number of tools while keeping the quality
    • Green laser produce beam size of 0.01 Microns and able to machine all type of materials.
    • Achieve faster time-to-market with confidence and stay competitive

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