Original wear parts

At GF Machining Solutions, all models are manufactured under strict quality control standards. Replacement parts are only available from authorized GF Machining Solutions dealers. The counterfeit parts may look exactly the same as the original parts, but they are cheap goods and have little substance. With our new Wear Parts Authentication Portal, you can always check the authenticity of our wear parts by scanning the QR code at the side of the package.

Original wear parts

Ensure that the webpage opening after the scan consists of the following URL: https://gfms.codes/?+16 digits code.
If you would like to enter your code manually, you can also do this directly on the webpage https://gfms.codes.

Secure the performance of your equipment over time

Ensure the lifetime of your machine in good condition

Guarantee the quality of the products you are producing

Original wear parts

Original wear parts

We offer a complete range of Original wear parts for all GF Machining Solutions machines.
All wear parts are designed by our expert Research & Development team with highest attention to the parts materials, manufacturing processes and quality.
They all fit perfectly together and guarantee the highest precision production environment.


Wear parts kit

We offer special wear parts kits with all the necessary parts for 2,000 hours of machining to facilitate the maintenance tasks that we advise you to perform on a regular basis.

Wear Part Kit

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