As the world demands smaller, smarter and more sophisticated products, the manufacturing processes to make them must do the same. But with ultrafast laser micromanufacturing solutions that can produce tiny features with extreme accuracy, manufacturers have access to key capabilities for enabling the next generations of precision parts.

"Meanwhile, the products desired and required by people around the world are getting smaller and smaller – and the components that make these up must be even smaller"

Automotive Solutions

Engine manufacturers have pursued serious research and development efforts to create the manufacturing technology necessary for the fuel economy and emissions required in an increasingly regulated industry.

Medical Device Solutions

In the medical device industry, precision laser micromachining enables exciting new products by making it possible to machine next-generation materials ranging from soft polymers to extremely hard metals.

Semiconductor Solutions

Manufacturing micromachined probe cards is one of the most grueling, technically challenging applications in the semiconductor industry, for any micro-machining platform.

Aerospace Applications

The requirement for micron-level accuracy and part-to-part consistency in superalloys makes the serial production of aerospace turbine blades especially difficult.


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